How does mudflows effect people?


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It probably affects people by their emotions because mudflows causes death


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People who live in mountain areas and who live near rivers or streams are affected by mudflows. These people often have mud slides which can destroy property and lives.

Mudflows can have very dangerous and harmful effects. If they are very large, they can bury cities and claim the lives of many people. Often, mudflows carry debris as well, causing damage to property.

A mudflow can destroy homes and kill people caught up in them.

Mudflows ARE found in swampy areasHope i helped :D

The mudflows occurred when Nevado del Ruiz erupted. Hot ash melted a large amount of snow and ice, which mixed with ash and sediment to form mudflows.

Mudflows occur when earth, rocks, and other landform becomes saturated into the water, thus, creating a landslide. The effect of mudflow can change the geological and geographical structure of any landform and at the same time is also capable of destroying both small and large structures.

Water, usually from heavy rain or melting snow can lead to landslides and mudflows.

Other names for Lahars include:pyroclastic flowsmudflowsdebris flowsvolcanic mudflows

Mudflows canot deposit talus. By definition a talus deposit is composed of broken rock depoited by gravity.

As deforestation can lead to change in rainfall patterns and hence leading to floods and mudflows in one place and drought in others.

By growing deep rooting vegetation.

mudflows, creeps landslides

A mudflow is whenever mud travels very quickly in an inclined area. Mudflows are capable of taking out homes and other property, causing lots of damage.

they are both types of mass movement

mudflows slump creep landslides

No. Lahars are mudflows that are produced by volcanoes.

Muflows are most common on stratovolcanoes.

Yes. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can cause debris flows. Volcanic eruptions can mudflows called lahars.

The fertile soil formed from volcanic ash and mudflows is fertile and makes for good farming.

Landslides,mudflows,slump,and Creep

creep, slump, mudslides, and mudflows

Landslides, mudflows, slump and creep

Landslides are when land breaks off of a mountain or hill and crumbles as it slides down destroying everything in its path. Mudflows are very similar to landslides but contain 60% of water.

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