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one way is by generating heat that helps maintain body temperature
They produce heat when they contract
Muscles play a few parts in maintaining homeostasis. When we become cold, we shiver to try and generate heat energy to keep our bodies warm (this is thermoregulation). Thermoregulation is also carried out by the tiny hair muscles that make them stand on end to trap a layer of air over our skin.

Muscles are made up of around 2% glycogen. Glycogen is a sugar and this is stored in the liver and muscles for when it is needed to create energy in respiration.
skeletal muscle contactions help maintain body temperature

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What do specialized cells epithelial tissue connective tissue nervous tissue muscle tissue homeostasis and feedback inhibition have in common?


What are the two types of filaments in muscle?

Myosin and actin are the myofilaments of muscle tissue that contribute to contraction.

How does blood contribute to the maintenance of homeostasis?

Blood basically carries the nutrients which contribute to the maintenance of the homeostasis.

What are the Components of muscle tissue in a meat?

skeletal muscle tissue,cardiac muscle tissue smooth muscle tissue

What are the names of the different types of muscle tissue?

Skeletal muscle tissue, caradiac muscle tissue, and smooth muscle tissue. Smooth not rough muscle tissue!

Is muscle a connective tissue?

NO, muscle is not a conective tissue because tissue is divided into different types (epithelial, conevtive, muscle and nervous). Muscle is in the the muscle tissue category

Is the muscle tissue superficial to the epidermal tissue?

Muscle tissue is deep to epidermal tissue. Epidermal tissue is superficial to muscle tissue.

How aging contribute to the tenderness of meat?

The connective tissue of the muscle breaks down making the meat tender.

Is smooth tissue a muscle tissue?

Yes. It is a muscle tissue.

Which is more dense adipose tissue or muscle tissue?

Muscle tissue

Does the reproductive system contribute to homeostasis?


Which foods help muscles grow?

Almost all healthy foods contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue; however, protein is probably the muscle mainstay.

What is the most abundant muscle tissue?

The most abundant muscle tissue in the body is skeletal muscle tissue.

What makes muscle tissue different from other tissue?

Muscle tissue can stretch.

What is the connective tissue that connects muscle to muscle?

the connective tissue that connects muscle to muscle is an aponuerosis.

What is the name of the tissue in are stomach?

muscle tissue, the muscle is called smooth muscle

Muscle tissue is made up of specialized muscle cells. How are individual muscle cells different from the muscle tissue in the bicep muscle?

Muscle cells are smaller than muscle tissue.

What is the tissue that connects the skin to the muscle?

Connective Tissue is the tissue that connects the skin to the muscle.

What muscle tissue is arranged in layers?

smooth muscle tissue

What tissue are the muscle wrappings generally made of?

muscle tissue

What type of muscle tissue is multinucleate?

Skeletal muscle tissue.

Which muscle tissue is involuntary and not striated?

Smooth muscle tissue :)

What muscle tissue is the only voluntary muscle tissue?


In the heart what job dos the muscle tissue have?

The heart is made up of muscle tissue (cardiac muscle). The muscle tissue contracts to pump blood.

What is a example of the muscle tissue in the human body?

you can say its hard tissue paper Smooth muscle is one of the types of muscle tissue

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