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For a common litmus (Acid only or Base only), would stay the same shade.

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Q: How does neutral react to litmus paper?
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Do not alter the color of litmus paper?

In a neutral solution the litmus paper is purple.

Why the litmus aniline is neutral?

Actually aniline is basic but towards litmus it changes it colour from red to blue aniline doesn't react the litmus so it is neutral

When red and blue litmus paper fail to turn color?

The litmus paper remain unchanged in a neutral solution.

When strips of blue and pink litmus paper are put in water the paper changes?

The litmus paper changes to green because water has a neutral pH (7) andgreen is the neutral color.

What color does litmus paper turn when it is nuetral?

In a neutral solution litmus has a purple color.

What is the effect of carbon monoxide on moist litmus paper?

carbon monoxide is neutral to litmus

Why does litmus turn purple?

Litmus paper that turns purple indicates neutral pH.

In a neutral solution litmus paper turns?


Can red litmus paper turn green in a neutral solution?

no because if the solution is neutral the litmus paper is still in its color

What is the color of salt mixed with water using litmus paper?

THE COLOUR of the litmus paper will not change as a salt solution is neutral

How do acid react in litmus paper?

They turn it either red or blue. Acids turn blue litmus paper red and bases turn red litmus paper blue.

What substance in litmus paper helps in its change?

It depends. Litmus paper is used to test pH levels. Blue litmus paper turns red in the presence of acids, and red litmus paper turns blue in the presence of alkalines. Litmus paper is purple in neutral conditions.