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Q: How does nick afford a house in West Egg?
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What kind of house does Nick Carraway live in?

He lives in a bungalow or cottage in West Egg

Why does gatsby deliver so many goods to nick's house in chapter 5?

Gatsby wants to impress Daisy. If he makes Nick's house look better, it could improve Daisy's feelings about West Egg. The people of East Egg have a sort of distaste for the people of West Egg.

When nick comes home form west egg that night what does he find unusual?

a fire from gatsbys house

Where did Nick and Gatsby meet?

In West Egg

Where does Nick Carraway live?

west egg

Which egg do nick and Gatsby live in?


Why does Nick move to West Egg?

Nick decides to move to Long Island after the Great War to learn the bond business. He rents a small house in West egg because he is Daisy Buchanan's cousin and has access to the wealthy crowds and parties.

In The Great Gatsby from where did Nick come from and why?

Nick came to West Egg from the mid-west to learn the bond business.

Is Nick wealthy in The Great Gatsby?

Nick is certainly not poor - he works as an investor on Wall Street and can afford to live on West Egg. However, he is significantly less wealthy than Gatsby or the Buchanans, and their wealth is a definite attraction for him.

Where does nick carraway from The Great Gatsby live?

West Egg

In The Great Gatsby where does nick carraway live?

Nick Carraway lives in a small house next to Gatsby's grand castle of a home. Both of these characters live in West Egg.

How does Nick fit into the East Egg and West Egg societies in Chapter 1 of The Great Gatsby?

Nick fits into the East Egg and West Egg societies in Chapter 1 of the Great Gatsby given that he is the narrator of the story. He fits more into the West Egg society given that he is not "old" money.

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