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it releases harmful radio active waves which s harmful to all living organism

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Q: How does nuclear power affect you daily?
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Why dont people use nuclear power plants anymore?

A lot of people use nuclear power daily throughout the world.

How does being in proximity to nuclear power generation affect my family's safety?

The presence of nuclear power plants may affect public health in many ways. Primarily, the release of radiation by nuclear power plants into the surrounding areas is known to have hazardous effects on public health. Nuclear power plants can also affect the health of the local environment and natural wildlife. Additionally Read more: Health Effects of Nuclear Power Plants |

Why are nuclear power stations unsuitable for meeting daily variations in the demand for electricity?


What is the aim of nuclear power plants in India?

The main aim of nuclear power is to produce electricity. People needs electricity for their daily life. Therefore for producing more electricity we need power plants.

Which countries operate commercial nuclear reactors?

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How does a nuclear power plant affect the people living around it?

It provides them with power, without polluting the environment like a fossil fuel power plant would.

Is the nuclear power station from Mioveni dangerous for the residents?

yes because the raidoactivity from the plant will affect their body.

How is uranium used in your daily lives?

A part of the electricity reaching our homes can be produced in a nuclear power plant.You must not forget it.

Would you feel safe living within 5 miles of a nuclear power plant Why or why not?

No. If there is a disaster in a nuclear plant - and those DO happen now and then - this can affect populations hundreds, or even thousands, of kilometers from the power plant.

What are examples of nuclear power?

nuclear power

How are nuclear power plants?

by nuclear power ¬.¬

How did nuclear warfare affect the cold war?

How did nuclear warfare affect the cold war?