How does one change the brake lights on a 1985 Chevy Impala?

open trunk & you'll notice about 6-8 torx screws. on the top of the light section. remove these screws, and tilt the housing towards you. then you should see 3 electrical conections. some have locks like a "medicine bottle top". twist & pull out connection. the bulb should be there. there is 2 stop & tail light bulbs, and 1 park light bulb, and the reverse light too. now is a good time to check them all since you are there. some tail lights are square and some are long, but the same procedure applies. ( some have hold downs for the light section added in the trunk to hold assembely also.) to remove these fastners it is necessary to pull back carpet by the trunk lock, and you will see them. if it dosent come out the first way you must remove these as well. reverse to install. hope this helps.