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Dump him

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2005-09-14 12:03:22
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Q: How does one deal with a narcissistic socio-psycho boyfriend?
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How does one deal with a narcissistic mother who is very old?

block her incoming calls.

How do you deal with a narcissistic father in law when you are the only one around?

It is not your job to deal with him, nor to diagnose him. Your job is to take care of yourself. We suggest either staying on his good side by catering to his whims, or removing yourself from the situation.

How do you deal with angry ex boyfriend?

You do not deal with an angry boyfriend. You must leave angry people out of your life if you want to have peace. An angry person is not a good person. There are many people in this world worthy of your time and love and an angry person is not one of them. Leave him.

What can one do to retaliate against a narcissistic?

completely ignore them

Can narcissistic personality disorder be hereditary?

Yes. It has been noted that a person with NPD often has at least one parent who has a narcissistic personality.

How do you deal with your boyfriend's sexual past?

honey i still have not been able to find that answer but really....theres not one you have to just deal with it the past is the past....just be glad he's with you now...

My brother is so narcissistic that he keeps his own picture on his dresser. What does narcissistic mean?

having or showing an excessive interest in or admiration of oneself or one's physical appearance

What would be a narcissistic or sociopathic animal What animal would be analogous to that type of person?

There have been accounts of narcissistic dogs so that is one example

How do you handle finding out that your ex boyfriend who you dated for 3 years is getting engaged and that ex boyfriend was your first boyfriend?

obviously you aren't over him, but he is most definitely over you. you weren't the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. deal with it and move on.

Is it narcissistic for one to say on the third date 'I could get attached to you really easily' then toss you aside three weeks later?

No. That's unpleasant, but not necessarily narcissistic.

Do celebrities become narcissistic?

I don't think that anyone becomes one they just are that way from the beginning and there are celebrities who are narcissistic - lots of them I do believe. They are no different from anyone else.

How do I get over my boyfriend who cheated and left me when pregnant?

Time heals. No one can tell you how to get over emotional difficulties. We each deal with them in our own way.

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