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To measure your shoe size, you need to work out how long your foot is by either inches or centimeters. If you have figured it out, go to Zappos, an online help guide to find your foot size.

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Q: How does one measure a shoe size?
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Can shoe size be used to measure ring size?


What does a brannock device measure?

It computes the person shoe size. To find the person's shoe size

How can one buy fitted shoes online?

One cannot buy fitted shoes online the same way that one can in a specialist shoe store. The best that one can do is to measure one's feet and measure it to the shoe size measurements on a particular shoe shop's website. One can find such measurements on the Clarks website.

How many inches long is a size 7 shoe size?

measure it with a ruler

What is a shoe size 4 in women's equal to in children's?

measure in inches a size 4 women's shoe and try to find same measurement on children's shoe

Measure Your Feet Before You Shop?

Shoe shopping can be a nightmare if you don't know what size you or your child wears. Before going to the store, measure your feet with one of the shoe devices at the store. You can do this by going to the store before you need new shoes. This way you will know what size to look at and you won't have to spend an entire afternoon searching for the shoe that fits your feet.

What is the name of instrument used to measure foot size at shoe stores?


What part of the body is the bannock device used to measure?

A bannock device is used to measure your shoe size.....correct answer -:)

What does OS mean in shoe size?

One Size

What is the measure of Justin Bieber's foot?

According to what Selena Had Wrote a few months ago he was a size 7 in shoe size.

13 girl and shoe size is only 3.5 is this too small?

no because i am 12 and i am a size one shoe.

What is US shoe size 9.5 for Indian shoe size?

if usa shoe size is 9.5 what is the indian shoe size