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The columns stand for: wins, losses, ties and overtime losses, which account for one point in the standings. L10 means their record during the past 10 games they've played.

Teams have stats for wins, loses, and ties. The NHL plays an 82 game regular season schedule that runs for 9 months. Then there is the playoffs, with the quarter, semi, and final series of games to get the 30 teams down to their final 2 teams who play a 7 game series to decide the winners of the Stanley Cup which is the league championship cup. The Stanley Cup is the HARDEST cup in sport to win, (Basketball has the same format) as the winning team has to have won it's way thru the season, to get into the playoffs, then they have to win a 7 game quarter finals series, then win a 7 game semi final series, then win the final 7 game series to win the cup.

So figure it out............Win at least 75 percent of the 82 regular season games, (you could only win half and probably still make it) then win another 4 out of 7 in the quarter semis, then 4 out of 7 in the semis , then 4 out of 7 in the finals, for a total of at least 99 games played, and you have to have won at least 80 odd them to get to the cup finals.(not neccesarily)

Un-like football ( soccer ) the championship is not decided by one game, it is a 7 game final series played over a 10 day period of time, with the team that wins four games being the cup winner.

Many times it comes down to game 7 with both teams having won 3 of the past games. In some cases, after 60 minutes they are still tied in scoring and the game goes into " sudden death " overtime, where the next goal scored wins the cup. The record for the most overtime periods played ( a period is 20 minutes of stop time play ) is SIX . That means that the game was 60 minutes of regular playing time, PLUS 180 minutes of overtime play, until a tie breaking goal was finally scored. That record game was a total of FOUR HOURS of playing time. That took place in Montreal in the 1930's.

To read the game stats for a team, look at their wins, loses, and overtime losses (in the regular season the overtime layout is different). To advance into the post season, a team needs to have a winning season, and then win thru the quarter, semi, and final series of games.

To read the individual players stats look at their plus/minus stats, and their goals, assists and penalty minutes.

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Q: How does one read hockey statistics and scores?
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What is a pig trick in hockey?

In ice hockey, when a player scores four goals in one game.

How many points do you get for one goal in hockey statistics?

A goal in hockey is worth one point. An assist is also worth one point.

Is there a good website where one can learn to take hockey statistics on players?

go on goggle and get lost

What is the name for scores in hockey game?

For field hockey (played on grass) scoring one goal is one goal. There are no points and goals, just goals. One to nothing is one- nil, two- nil etc.

What does hat trick mean in hockey?

A hat trick is when a player scores three goals in one game.

How many points are awarded for a goal in hockey?

In Hockey a goal counts as one point for the team who scores. The person who scores is also awarded a point, and are awarded one if they assist on a goal. The points players acquire during the season are totaled and are used to give awards and determine a players worth.

What is a playmaker in hockey?

A playmaker in hockey is when one single player gets three assists in one game. If you don't know what an assist is, it is when a player passes the puck to another player on their team and then that person scores.

Where could one check the statistics of Bears vs Vikings?

There are a few sites that offer NFL scores and stats allowing one to check the Bears vs Vikings statistics. One can do this on the official NFL website, ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

What is it called when a hockey player scores 5 goals in one game?

Well, If a player scores 3 goals it is called a hat trick but i dont believe theres any special term for scoring 5 goals other than that hockey player is super good.

What is it called when a player scores 4 goals in one hockey game?

A really good night! A hat trick is three goals.

What is four on four in hockey?

A four on four in hockey can occur two ways: One - one player from each team is in the penalty box Two - in overtime, teams play four on four until one team scores or it goes to a shootout

What is a hat trick in hockey?

A hat trick is when one player scores three goals in one game. In bowling, three strikes in a row is called a turkey

What is a hockey hat trick?

A hat trick is when one player scores three goals in one game. In Bowling, three strikes in a row is called a turkey

What percentage of New England Prep School boys ice hockey players will go on to play Division one mens ice hockey?

43. But the interesting thing about statistics is that 98% of them are made up.

What's a hat trick in hockey?

A hat trick is when one player scores three goals in one game. In Bowling, three strikes in a row is called a turkey

What is the Colorado Avalanche Hockey Clubhouse?

The Colorado Avalanche Hockey Clubhouse is run by ESPN and provides a website that gives you all the information one is looking for about Colorado Avalanche. Some information that it provides are stats, scores, photos, schedule, etc.

What is it called when a player scores 6 goals in one hockey game?

Officially, 3 goals by a single player in one game is called a hat trick. 6 goals by a single player can be considered a double hat trick, though it is a feat that is rarely accomplished in professional ice hockey.

What is it called when a player scores 3 goals in one hockey game?

A Hat Trick. Normally at home ice when this occurs fans in attendance will toss their hats to the ice in recognition.

What is a natural hatrick in hockey?

A natural hatrick is when a single player scores three goals in one game. if by some slim chance they score six it does not count as another hatrick

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What is a bubble hockey table used for?

A bubble hockey table is an item found in a games room. It is similar to table soccer but simulates ice hockey instead. The pitch is covered by a perspex dome (or bubble) so the puck stays on the table. Two opponents are able to operate their teams players and the one who scores the most goals wins.

What is icing penalty in hockey?

A penalty kill is when a team receives a penalty and has to play with a one to two man disadvantage. The penalty kill is over when the oposing team scores or the time received expires.

When was hockey introduced to Canada?

Hockey was not "introduced to Canada", it was first invented, or played as a game, in Canada in the late 1800's. Several areas of Canada have laid claim to being the site of the first game but no one actually knows for certain. For the best information on the origins of the game,I would suggest you read a good hockey history like Mr. Stan Fischler's Hockey Chronicles or go to Wikipedia and read various articles on the history of the game.

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