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Q: How does oxfam help younger children?
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What countries do oxfam help?

oxfam help poorer countries suffering from poverty or injustice

What countries help OXFAM?

oxfam help poorer countries suffering from poverty or injustice

Do oxfam have a SMART objective?

help the poor in developing countries and support children in need · To campaign for a better and fairer world (:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:) (:)(:)

Why does oxfam exist?

The reason why we should have the Oxfam, is because that the Oxfam help all the needy people around the world who needs stuff to survive with.

How does oxfam help?

sweets and wii

Who do oxfam help around the world?

oxfam sell's thing's to raise money for a charity.

What UK charities help India?


Is there any organisation help children?

UNCRC, Red Cross, Room to Red, Kids4Kids, schools to schools, Room to Read, Oxfam, Socceral and more.

What activities has Oxfam been involved in?

they help people from asia GEE THANKS BUD! >.<

What are the objectives of oxfam?

Oxfam's aim is to help the poor in developing countries. They try and make a differenrce in peopel's relieve povertyThere sevral aims and objectives of oxfam organisation which is quit

What are the advantages and disadvantages of oxfam?

the advantages of this Oxfam cumpany is that they are raising cash in able to help the poor the disadvantages are that sometimes they don't have that much cash to help the people who need it the most because say that you gave them £15, £5 of that cash Oxfam keeps

How did oxfam meet their aims and objectives?

they help poor people