How does polymyositis progress?

Updated: 11/12/2022
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Muscle wasting or shortening (contracture) may develop in the arms or legs. Heart abnormalities (electrocardiogram (ECG) changes, arrhythmias), develop in about 30% of patients.

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Q: How does polymyositis progress?
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Why is polymyositis similar to dermatomyositis?

Dermatomyositis is identical to polymyositis with the addition of a characteristic skin rash.

What is the medical condition polymyositis?

Polymyositis is an inflammatory muscle disease causing weakness and pain.

What does Polymyositis produce?

In polymyositis, symptoms include muscle weakness, particularly in the shoulders or pelvis, that prevents the patient from performing everyday activities

What is the prefix for the word polymyositis?

The prefix for the word polymyositis is "poly-," which means many or much.

Chronic inflammatory myopathy of uncertain etiology?


What is the difference between polymyositis and myositis?

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What is the definition of the word polymyositis?

Polymyositis is a weakness that occurs in the neck muscles causing them to become limp. It also leads to swelling and muscle pain, general fatigue and soreness in the back.

What is the onset of polymyositis?

A progressive condition, usually beginning in adulthood.

What medical term means a disease characterized by the simultaneous inflammation of voluntary muscles in many parts of the body?

Myositis is a general term for inflammation of the muscles. There can be several causes. The most common being polymyositis and dermatomyositis.

What are the effects of polymyositis?

It causes muscles to exhibit varying degrees of decreased strength, usually affecting those muscles that are closest to the trunk of the body. Trouble with swallowing (dysphagia) may occur with polymyositis.

Are sarcoidosis and polymyositis related or does one cause the other?

It appears that granulomata (sarcoidosis) per se does not exert a significant ill effect on surrounding muscle cells. Some times polymyositis leads to a diagnosis of sarcoidosis.

How serious is polymyositis?

Polymyositis is a serious autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and weakness in the muscles. It can lead to muscle wasting, disability, and affect other organs in the body. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to manage symptoms and prevent long-term complications.