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One way that elements decay is by alpha-emission. That means that the nucleus of the atom spews out alpha particles. An alpha particle is made of two protons and two neutrons, like a helium nucleus. Of course, once an alpha particle is emitted, the number of protons in the nucleus decreases, and the element changes with the number of protons.

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Q: How does radioactivity create new elements?
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How many invention did maria curie invent?

She discovered radioactivity and 2 elements, polonium and radium.

What are the elements of radioactivity?

Some of the elements on the Periodic Table are Radioactive. This means that their nuclei decay to form other elements in a decay chain. There are currently 33 known radioactive elements of which 20 are currently produced synthetically.

What woman helped in the understanding of elements and radioactivity?

Mme. Curie.

How does artificial transmutation differ from artificial radioactivity?

"Artificial transmutation" is a nuclear reaction induced in laboratory, its man made. Artificial radioactivity is a radioactive disintegration phenomenon supported by artificial isotopes.

What is the advanced pentagram in doodle devil?

It allows you to create more elements, when you run out the new elements you create will have a 60 minute delay.

Do all elements have some degree of radioactivity?

no not all of it and im a girl

What is recombination of chemical elements?

it is when a reaction occurs and elements are "taken" apart and put in a new order to create a new substance.

Why did people find polonium?

Research in the field of radioactivity, studying of uranium ores, progress of chemistry and physics, discovery of new elements in the periodic table

The differences between natural and artificial radioactivity?

Natural radioactivity arises from radioactive components contained in nature. Artificial radioactivity will come through, elements produced within nuclear reactors as well as accelerators.

What are the differences between natural radioactivity nd artificial radioactivity?

Natural Radioactivity arises from radioactive components contained in nature. Artificial Radioactivity will come through element produced with in nuclear reactors as well as accelerators. Natural Radioactivity is a spontaneous process of disintegration. Artificial Radioactivity is carried in synthetically produced radioactive elements used in nuclear reactors.

What is the opposite of radioactivity?

The opposite would be non-radioactive. For elements, the opposite is stable.

Which women was an important scientist who contributed to your understanding of elements and radioactivity?

Marie Curie