How does rain become groundwater?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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the water trickles down through dirt and rocks.

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Q: How does rain become groundwater?
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How does groundwater recharge?

Groundwater is recharged by rain being absorbed into the ground.

What is the source of runoff and groundwater?


Does Mars have groundwater?

no. There is no rain to go into the ground

How pollutants get into groundwater?

The same way that rain does.

If there is not enough rain how can farmers water their crops?

They Can Use Groundwater

How can rain or melted snow become groundwater?

The area from which water drains into a river

What is the source of groundwater?

precipitation - rain, snow, ice, sleet, hail

Is rain or melted snow soaking into the ground aquifier or groundwater?


Rain or melted snow soaking into the ground is aquifier or groundwater?


Main source of groundwater?

precipitation seeping through pores and cracks in the ground the main source of groundwater is rain, and melted snow soak

Why does it take a long time for polluted groundwater to become pure again?

groundwater is replenished slowly

Can soil water become groundwater?

Yes it can.