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A repossession ruins your credit for 7 years. This will have an adverse effect on any loan you may try to obtain.

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Q: How does reposession affect obtaining a home loan?
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Where do i get a Home Loan in VA?

There are several options for obtaining a Home Loan. You can get a loan through a bank and many private investors also offer home loans.

Does filing bankruptcy decrease the chances of you obtaining a home or auto loan?


What is the definition of a VA mortgage loan?

The definition of a VA mortgage loan is a loan that is guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. The purpose of this loan is to assist veterans and their families in obtaining home financing.

Does applying for a car loan affect your chances to get a home loan?

It does if you get turned down.

What is the home equity loan and line of credit?

The home equity loan is a way to release the equity of your home in order to borrow money. A line of credit is a phrase used for a method of obtaining credit.

Where would one be able to get advice on obtaining a home purchase loan?

To get advice on obtaining a home purchase loan one could try to make an appointment with their bank or any local bank and talk to an advisor. One could also ask family and friends for their advice.

What happens if I don't repay an auto title loan?

You will lose the car if the Auto title loan is not paid. The lapse in repayment can result in reposession of the car.

How does one go about getting a boat loan?

Obtaining a boat loan is the same method as obtaining an automobile loan, a mortgage or any loan. One must have a history of credit scores and no bad credit.

How do you go about obtaining a construction loan?


Where can one find the current status and information of your home loan?

One can find the current status and information regarding ones home loan by contacting their lender or loan servicer by telephone on their mortgage statement. Determining who owns the mortgage is crucial in obtaining information.

Will applying for ebt affect me when applying for home loan in Florida?

Well, if you can't afford to buy food, how are you going to afford to pay for a home loan?

What are some of the requirements for a home loan?

The minimum requirements to qualify for a home loan are having the down payment, having limited debt, having a good credit history, and having stable employment. The better a person stands with these requirements, the greater they have of obtaining a home loan and getting a low rate.

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