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How does residential custody work in New Jersey?


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2011-09-12 21:57:08
2011-09-12 21:57:08

i live in NJ and let me telll you fathers in this as i have been informed have more rights then moms now.i have been threw it with my babys dad i have to have written conset to even take her to phile for the day . so be carefull and don't almost end up in jail like me.we went to the zoo that day.when i got home there was police at my door. so be carefull and get it notrized


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my friend lives in new jersey if she has custody of her children can she move out of state and give her children a good life.

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A parent with sole custody should be able to move out of the state of New Jersey. This is unless there are explicit rules against it.

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how does the government work in new jersey

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the new jersey speed limit is 25mph.. -&+nay'vixenn

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