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On one hand it takes away the student's ability to fully express themselves through their clothing. It emphasises conformity at the expense of individuality.

On the other hand, uniforms help people identify with a group. In the school situation particularly, it prevents the students from competing over who is wearing the most expensive clothing. This is very helpful for the poorer students. Where students wear uniforms, they cannot exclude parts of the group by clothing choices.

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school uniform deprives youngsters of being themselves and express themselves. wearing your own clothes will be more comfortable and so because of this students are more likely to behave well in school.

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Q: How does school uniform affect behavior?
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Does school uniform affect school behavior?

I go to a private school and i think that they are annoying to wear and disstract you from learning cause they can be uncomforable. There is probley no scientific fact of this but i think it does affect school behavior.

What is the benefit of not wearing uniform to school?

the benefits are that people say uniforms promote good behavior but the truth is that students promote good behavior and i guarantee you that people will act the same casual or uniform................

Can children get bullied not wearing a school uniform?

Yes there is always a chance of getting bullied for not wearing the uniform, through any students at school. Bullying can affect peoples lives and in my opinion bullying would get worse if we wore casual clothes instead of school uniform.

What is another word for uniform school?

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Every school that requires a uniform has a different uniform.

Why should you wear uniform in school?

People change their behavior according to how they dress. If you put a gangsta in a nice suit they WILL act more proper.

How many does bully affect?

bulling can be affecting 75%out of 100% students and the 10% is the staff at the school and the family is affect by his or her behavior 15%

How do you spell school uniform in french?

l'uniforme scolaire school uniform

Where do you get school uniform from?

A good shop for school uniform would be Dancers.

Can I wear my old school's uniform in my new school which doesn't have a uniform ( My old school uniform is green jacket and green skirt )?

Assuming there is no 'dress code' in your new school - there's nothing wrong with wearing your old school uniform.

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