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lol u should know u self jk

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Q: How does soil affect the natural vegetation that can grow in places?
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Name some examples of natural vegetation?

trees,plant and rainforest.(Places that grow plants naturally)

Types of natural vegetation in Gauteng?

this includes evergreen vegetation tundra vegetation diciduous vegetation thorny bushes etc

What two factors affect the kinds of vegetation that grow in a region?

Climate - temperature and wind, rain and/or sun soil type

The amount of rain that falls can affect the types of plants that grow called?

The amount of rain that falls can affect the type of plants that grow called vegetation. A couple of examples of vegetation are tropical forests and tropical plants.

How is Canada's economy affected by its climate and vegetation?

Canada's economy is affected by its climate and vegetation. This is because the climate is harsh in some places in Canada and it blows at the vegetation, making it hard for plants to grow.

What is the difference between natural vegetation and crops?

Natural vegetation, which is also called native vegetation, are plants that grow without human interference. Crops, on the other hand, are grown and cultivated by people for food and industry.

How does vegetation affect where people choose to settle?

if the place has no vegetation, people won't want to live there because they can't grow any food.

What is it when the amount of rain that falls can affect the type of plants that grow?

Vegetation im working on a homework sheet with the same question

Why is temperature a factor that influences the natural vegetation in a place?

Temperature is a major influence in the natural vegetation in an ecosystem. Plants that are natural to the environment need the specific temperatures in the environment to thrive. For example, tropical plants require the high temperature of the environment they grow in to thrive.

What is difference between aquatic vegetation and vegetation?

aquatic vegetation are plants that grow underwater while vegetation are plants that just grow on land.

What does drought affect?

a drought is where there is no rainfall for a long period of time making vegetation unable to grow and animals unable to survive. :)

Define natural vegetation?

well for starters you really need to do your homework and not look up the answers on the internet then the next thing if you are looking this stuff up just because your borded then you really need to get a life well thanks for looking it up anyways later bye