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Sound is a longitudinal wavelength that has wavelength, velocity, frequency and amplitude. It travels through solid objects by going through vibration.

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Q: How does sound travel through solid objects?
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Sound waves travel only in the air?

No. They travel through water and solid objects also.

Witch objects does sound travel through?

Sound can travel through most substances but the loudness depends on the substance.

Can sound travel through oxygen?

Sound can travel through fire as it does not directly affect sound. Sound travels in waves which can pass through solid objects but this limits the distance they can go.

What objects does a sound travel through?

Sound can travel through most solid objects, as well as liquids. The vibrations transfer from molecule to molecule, but can be refracted or reflected by gaps or distortions within the matter.

Does sound travel faster through a solid block of metal or through air?

Sound travels faster through air. Though sound travels farther through solid objects (vibrations), it is faster when traveling through air waves.

What are the objects called that allow sound to travel through them?

Sound is a pressure wave. Objects that "allow" sound to travel through them could be called wave guides.

Does sound travel better through air or through solid?


Does sound travel faster through a solid or water?

sound travel faster through soled because of tighter packed particles

What substances will sound travel through?


Where do sound waves travel through?

Sound waves travel through matter, whether solid, liquid, or gas. They do not travel through vacuum.

How fast does a sound wave travel through a solid?

The speed of sound through a solid depends upon the density of that solid. The denser the solid, the quicker sound travels.

Does sound travel faster through a solid luquid or gas?