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Q: How does sound travel through solids liquids gasses?
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What does P waves travel through?

Gasses, solids and liquids :P

What media can mechanical waves travel through?

solids, liquids, gasses

What all can sound Travel through?

Anything with mass; solids, liquids, gasses.

Do sound waves travel better through solid liquids or gasses?

sound waves travel through best through solids because they are more dense, then liquids, and finally they travel the worst through gasses.

What kind of compressional waves travel through gasses liquids and solids?

Sound waves are an excellent example

Which seimic wave goes though liquids?

pressure. waves also known as p waves travel through solids liquids and gasses

Does sound travel faster through a solid liquid gas?

The higher the density, the faster the sound. Solids, then liquids, then gasses.

Will a primary wave travel through liquid?

Yes. Primary waves are compression or longitudinal waves can pass through solids, liquids and gasses.

What do shear waves travel through?

Shear waves travel through solids. They cannot travel through liquids and gasses (unlike compressive waves) and they can't travel through a vacuum (unlike electromagnetic waves).

Which are always the first waves of an earthquake to be detected?

P waves (primary waves) - the fastest, and can travel through solids liquids or gasses

What waves travel through solids liquids and gases?

Seismic waves travel through solids, liquids, and gases.

Can sound travel through solids and liquids?

Yes, sound can travel through most mediums including solids and liquids. However, it cannot travel through a vacuum.