How does stain remover work?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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A stain remover may be a solvent which dissolve the stain or a substance which react with the stain.

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Q: How does stain remover work?
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How does a stain remover work?

Stain remover may be a solvent (dissolution of the spot) or a substance which chemically react with the spot.

Does a no name stain remover work as good as a brand name?

Yes Zout stain remover works best

Does Clorox Stain Remover Work?

Yes, but not for all stains.

Does resolve stain remover really work?

Try it and find out.

Does cola work as a grease stain remover?

It depends on the type of cloth.

How can you clean white furniture?

Use stain remover. Use stain remover.

What makes a certain stain remover better than the next?

Stain removers work by interacting with the material of the stain and dissolving it. For example, modern enzyme stain removers contain protein enzymes which actually "digest" the stain. You have to find the remover which is designed to act on whatever made your stain to get the best results.

Vinegar as a stain remover?

Vinegar can be a stain remover. But not on blood!! Vinegar used on a blood stain will make the blood stain a permanent mark on the fabric.

How do you get caked on flour out of work clothes?

Wash them and use a stain-remover stick or spray.

What are some of the best laundry stain removers?

The best stain remover depends on the type of stain and the type of material you use. The safest stain remover is water, but if you have a protein stain hot water will make the stain worse. Most people agree that bleach is the strongest stain remover, but unless the garment is white or color-safe bleach will cause a worse stain.

What website could you find facts about stain removers?

which group of cleaners is the best tea stain remover? which group of cleaners is the best tea stain remover?

What is the best way to get paint out of clothes?

Use tide stain remover, if that doesn't work, well sorry!