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How does static electricity occur?


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static electricity occurs when objects gain electrons

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It can occur naturally as static electricity or as lightning.

Static electricity occurs in everything that has electrons.

How can static electricity occur on metals or conductors when it's not moving

Static Electricity is Static Electricity, "Compare and 'Contrast static electricity' and current electricity" is a relevant question.

static electricity is electricity.

static electricity is static electricity

Static electricity is static. It's just shortened.

static electricity can be called high voltage static electricity can be called high voltage static electricity can bend water

By the lightning, then it converts to the gerator

Which is a characteristic of static electricity

Static electricity constitutes of charges that are static i.e. they do not move.

You can move things with static electricity!

everything electronic is static electricity

The more humidity the less static electricity. The less humidity the more static electricity.

Yes, static electricity is dangerous if it is sufficiently large.For example, lightning is a form of static electricity.A tv is also a static charge.

static in static electricity is the bombardment of electron from super natural energy towards the occupy a space in current cavities..thus the staticity icreases...this is the static in static electricity

how does matter affect static electricity???

Nothing can be charged by static electricity.

Lightning is (the discharge of) static electricity.

Static electricity translates into electrons not in motion. Typically, you rub rubber on fur to get static electricity. I get static electricity from petting my cat (I am a rubber of my cat, but I am not made of rubber.)

Becuase static electricity is generated by rubbing or by friction.

No. Wood cannot create static electricity because it is not a conductor of electricity.

Benefits of Static Electricity are that you can learn more more about that type of electricity and it can be displayed. If you ever wonder what a shock is you know that it may be static electricity

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