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Because students get lazier and lazier every time they use tehnology. That's kind of the reason kids are getting obese these days. No offense. They sit in the house all day wacthing television, playing game systems, playing on the computers, and listening to the radio all day.

^Radios went out of style in the '50's^

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Q: How does technology distract students from studying?
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Why do college students get failing grade?

Because they are concentrating on a relationship. Love for one person will distract them from their courses and studying.

Five Ways in which information technology can help students studying subjects other than computing?

Describe at least 5 ways in which information technology can helps students studying subjects other than computing

What is the sentence for distract?

She asked me to distract him while she decorated for the party. I didn't want to distract her from studying, so I played my music very low. He told funny jokes to distract her from her troubles.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying at university of technology or college?

The advantage of studying as a university or college that focuses on technology is that students can get a degree in a field that is in high demand. The disadvantage of this type of college is that it has a small amount of majors to choose from.

Why girls shouldn't have boyfriend while studying?

the relation will distract u that's why

Should we Use mobile phones in college campus?

use of cellphones should ban one colleges becoz students couldn't recognize how cell phones will distract them from their studies while they are studying ........................................................when they are out of college after graduation then they can

What is the difference of learners to students?

learners are the one who study their lessons and they are studying hard. students are the one to go in school but they are not studying. =>

Should students be able to express public displays of affection in school and why or why not?

The Question about anything that students can or can't do should be seen through this lens, does it distract from learning? clearly two students making out in the middle of class does distract from learning however at lunch or in the halls between class, that's fine it doesn't harm any one and doesn't distract from learning.

What do you call students studying the Old Testament?

religious studies students

Why is it important to study information technology?

what is the importance of studying Technology to an Administrator

How internet distract students from their studies?

no it helps the students in studies as some schools are stupid they give every work to do from internet

What is information and technology traning?

Information and technology training is studying courses related to information technology.

How much schools allow ipods?

probably very few. they distract the students from learning.

Why student Do not get out of your seat without permission?

Because you do not want to distract the students who are learning about sex

Should students listen to their ipods and mp3's in class?

No because it will distract you.

What is a bad learning environment?

A really bad learning environment is where if you are studying along with friends, but they are not doing the same thing as you are, which is studying. often times, that can do many things that can really distract you!

Which book should you refer for Art of Studying for students?

Those students who are taking an Art of Studying class should refer to a book called "Concentrating While Studying. Study Guides and Strategies" by Joe Landsberger.

Which Country is best for studying computer for foreign students like Pakistan?

The USA, UK, Australia are is best for studying computer for foriegn students like Pakistanis

Why most students do not want learning?

students don't like studying till they are motivated

What are the advantages and disadvantages of music technology?

Music can keep a person going and keep them from being bored as it gives them relaxation and also passes the time. But music can hurt your eardrums if it is set up to loud, it can also distract you from driving, running, studying, etc.

What improves a college students chances of graduating?


A sentence with effective?

The students were effective in studying for the test.

Why students should have technology?

Students should have technology because its what this world is run off of. Most jobs deal with technology, its an everyday use, so why not teach students with technology. Plus technology is usefull. Its easy, and comes with alot of features any other thing cannot do.

What are the pros and cons of the Indian education system?

pro:they have no technology to distract them con:they have inexperianced teachers

Is a library a place for studying of students?

Yes - libraries are often excellent places for students to study.

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