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How does temperature affect matter?

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As the temperature of the matter gets colder it will become more of a solid. (gas to liquid to solid) As the temperature of the matter increases it will become more of a gas. (solid to liquid to gas) And once the matter gets to be around 10,000 degrees, it may turn in to plasma.

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Pressure and temperature are two factors that both affect the state of any type of matter.

It increases temperature of the matter leading to melting, boiling and subsequent vaporization of the matter.

No, mass is an inherent property of a form of matter

It doesn't really matter what the temperature is, because if it's too high, it will burn.

Density depends on temperature, pressure and purity of a material.

no the angle of sunlight does not matter unless the sunlight is blocked by an other object than it would be 2c lower but the angle does not matter in temperature wise.

No temperature change is not a chemical change because it does not affect any of the composition as well as chemical properties of matter.

Yes, one example is the different temperatures associated with water and with ice.

it has an effect on waters matter making the temperture of the water to be contained

No, change In temperature is not a chemical change. Since it doesn't affect any of the chemical properties as well as composition of matter.

Sperm cells die at high temperature, or for that matter, even at body temperature. Hence the testes are placed in an extra abdominal sac -scrotum where temperature is 2o below the body temperature!

temperature does not affect the magnet.

Temperature does not affect altitude, altitude affects temperature.

White dwarfs are made of degenerate matter in which temperature does not affect pressure.

It affectsthe physical phase of matter,the speed of chemical reactions,life forms which can inhabit a biome.

no it does not matter how hot or cold it is ----------- The density is strongly dependent on temperature, especially for gases ! A heated gas has a lower density than a cold gas.

how does matter affect static electricity???

No. Temperature is a property of matter - just like mass or length.

AnswerTime could affect matter but matter could not affect time. Example: By 2050 65% percent of polar bears will be extinct because of changes in the land formations.

Temperature has not affect on the speed of sound.

Yes. The temperature at which the poached egg is cooked will affect its consistency. The temperature at which the poached egg is served will affect its taste.

Volume is a measure of how much space something takes up. Temperature and pressure affect volume.

Temperature. Temperature causes matter to change state.

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