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Evaporation of the water film left on the surface of the skin by the tepid sponging cools the skin, and thus the body.

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cooling of the skin

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Q: How does tepid sponging reduce body temperature?
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What is tepid sponging definition?

The definition of a tepid sponge bath is just washing up with a wash cloth and a certain temperature of water. It means not getting into the tub or shower at all. Tepid means to use water that is not hot and not cold, mix hot and cold water together with more cold than hot to achieve a tepid temperature.

Is there a treatment for kawasaki disease?

fever related to disease proses goal: patient' sbody temperature will turn in normal range -monitor patient's body temperature - perform tepid sponging -encourage patient to wear loose clothes

What is hotter tepid or hot water?

Tepid means :- Slightly warm or a bit colder than body temperature. Tepid means the same thing as Luke-warm.

Is hot hotter than tepid?


Which is warmer - tepid or hot water?

Hot Water Is Hotter Than Tepid Water Because Tepid water is at body temperature, so should not feel either hot or cold when it touches your water

When sponging an obese woman what areas of the body do you pay particular attention to?

By check the main areas of their body and sponging them first, then towelling them. then the other parts

Does pain increase or reduce body temperature?


Normal human body temperature is 37 C If the temperature increases which feedback mechanism attempts to reduce it back to 37 C?

The body first uses sweating to reduce any increase in body temperature. If the person is dehydrated or cannot sweat, temperature can continue to rise.

Which is warmer tempid or hot water?

The warmer of the two would be hot water. Tepid water is nearly body temperature, so it is considered lukewarm. That means that hot water is hotter than lukewarm water.

Function of apocrine glands?

To cool the surface of the skin and reduce body temperature.

Explain why it is important that people sweat when dancing?

When dancing,the body temperature increases. To release the excess body heat, the sweat glands secrete sweat on to the skin to reduce body temperature.

Do hot tubs reduce sperm cells?

The sperm need to be cooler than body temperature, hot tubs increase the temperature of the testicles above body temperature and production of sperm is decreased.