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He talks about the size of her forehead.

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Q: How does the Chaucer make fun of the Nun?
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What details does Chaucer include in his description of the Nun to make gentle fun of her?

The details of Chaucer in his description of the nun include modest, quiet, charitable, and compassionate. To make gentle fun of her, Chaucer described the nun as the prioress of her convent, aspires to have exquisite taste, and with dainty table manners.

What was Chaucer's attitude towards the nun?

Chaucer describes the nun in a very sarcastic way

Who is the author of The Nun's Priest's Tale?


How does Chaucer poke fun at courtly love in the nun's priest's tale?

Chaucer uses courtly love descripions to portray Chauntecleer. Yet it is ironic, and somewhat humorous, because Chauntecleer is a rooster.

Which best describes chaucer's attitude toward the nun?

polite detachment

Which phrase describes Chaucer's attitude toward the Nun?

polite detachment :)

When was the nun's priest's tale written?

Geoffrey Chaucer at the end of the 14th century.

What best describes Chaucer's attitude toward the Nun in The Canterbury Tales?

polite detachment

What chaucer write?

Chaucer wrote the Canterbury Tales. Some of the tales include: The Knight's Tale, The Nun's Priest's Tale, The Wife of Bath, and The Miller's Tale.

What does chaucer think of the nuns?

Chaucer writes with irony about the Prioress, or nun, in "The Canterbury Tales: Prologue," and the things that he says about her mean the opposite. His descriptions make her seem very worldly, strives to have exquisite taste, that she has dainty table manners, and dresses well.

In the chaucers tale What was Chaucer making fun of in his tales?

His Dignity

What color is a nun buoy?

it bule and red it really fun on there

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