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From the massive iron core at its center!

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The magnetic field around the earth?

Yes, Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field.

Does Uruguay have a magnetic field?

The earth as a single object has a magnetic field. If Uruguay is part of the earth, it shares the earth's magnetic field.

In what earth layer does out magnetic field originate?

The magnetic field in the Earth originates in the Core.

Where is the magnetic field of earth more strong?

The Magnetic Field of Earth is strongest at the Poles.

Does the earth have a magnetc field?

Yes, the Earth has a magnetic field.

What is resion of Earth magnetic field?

The Earth's magnetic field is the result of electrical currents flowing in the earth.

Does earth have a stonger magnetic field than venus?

Venus does not have a magnetic field.

Does the magnetic field of the sun interact with the magnetic field of earth to cause earth to rotate in its direction and constane speed?


How will magnetic minerals align in a rock if earth has no magnetic field?

Assuming there is no Earth magnetic field, and no other significant magnetic fields, they will not allign in any preferred direction.

How can you prove that the earth has a magnetic field?

You can show that the Earth has a magnetic field by looking at a magnetic compass.The north end of the compass points to the north magnetic pole, and does so everywhere on Earth. It does this by aligning itself to the Earth's magnetic field. If there weren't a magnetic field, then a compass needle would not point to any consistent direction.

Is there a electromagnetic field around the earth?

No, there is a magnetic field round the Earth.

What evidence is there on earth having a magnetic field?

To start if we didnt have a magnetic field we would be fried by the suns radiation. The northern lights are evidence that we have a magnetic field surrounding earth.

Does earth have an electro magnetic field?

yes! earth's core produces a magnetic field

What layer of earth produces the magnetic field?

The inner core produces the magnetic field.

What causes the magnetic field to change?

Which magnetic field? If you're talking about the earth, the magnetic poles have switched polarity in the past. The earth is not a solid magnet, it is a liquid, specifically molten nickel. When the molten nickel shifts the magnetic field of the earth can change.

Why earth possess magnetic field?

The magnetic field of the planet Earth is created by an electric current that exists in the outer core.

What would the earth be without its magnetic field?

Probably uninhabitable. The magnetic field shields the Earth from a great deal of radiation.

Why does the earth have its own magnetic field?

The Earth has a magnetic field because it is spinning on it axis and has a liquid, metallic core which is convecting.

Who had first detected the presence of magnetic field in earth?

Albert Einstien was the first to detect the presence of magnetic field in earth

How do you find the shape of a magnetic field using a compass?

The compass needle will align with the magnetic field. However, if the magnetic field is weak, the magnetic field of the Earth will be stronger, and the magnetic needle will point North.

Which type of magnet has a field that is about the same shape as the magnetic field of earth?

Bar magnetic has field stretched like those of the earth, like an oval.

What is an example of a magnetic field?

The atmosphere of the earth is a magnetic filed

Does earth have a magnetic field?


Can the magnetic field of Earth be reversed How?


Does earth has a magnetic field?

yes they do

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