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The Holy Spirit does not MAKE us holy, but will assist us to become holy by answering prayers, confirming that something is true or not. If we are worthy we will feels of its promptings, sometimes by a burning within our breast. He will not be with us all of the time as we have been given the intelligence to work things out for ourselves providing we use wisdom also.

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Q: How does the Holy Spirit make us holy?
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Who is the sanctifier of the church?

The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit makes us holy, or sanctify.

Who gave the gift of the Holy Spirit?

God gives us the holy spirit. correct

What is the role of holy spirit in act?

To bring us Gods holy presence and to help and heal us. The holy spirit lays in the heart of his children.

When you are led?

led to by the holy spirit. Father, Son, Holy spirit . Father - God , Son - Jesus Christ , Holy spirit - what jesus left when he died on the cross and went to be with his father-God, in heaven he left his spirit which we call holy spirit to guide us, and we be led by the holy spirit.

How has the Holy Spirit helped people?

The Holy Spirit helps you in every way. You may think that you make all of your decisions but in actual fact you don't! Believe it or not the Holy Spirit helps you decide whatever you cant decide on. Even if you do not believe in the spirit he is all around us. Say you couldn't decide on applying for a job the Holy Spirit will help you decide to or not apply even if you think it is entirely your own decision.

Gods own spirit at work in us and your world can be understood by what part of the holy trinity?

God's own spirit and his work manifests in our world in a form best understood as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a member of the holy trinity.

Which gifts of holy spirit helps us make moral choices?


What is the role of the holy spirit in the life of the trinity?

the holy spirit is to lead us on the right path towards jesus. :)

What is one thing the holy spirit will do for us?

The holy spirit is a fictional being. It cannot do anything as it does not actually exist.

What is the link between pentecost and sacrament of confirmation?

because its when you recieve the sacrament of the girfts of the holy spirit.

Title of the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit doesn't really have a title per say. He is known as the spiritual guider that God gives His followers so they can better understand Him and the Holy Spirit guides us in God's ways. Holy Spirit Titles: Paraclete, Comforter, Spirit of Truth.

What are importance of holy spirit to Christian?

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God that calls us through the Gospel in order that we might believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. The Holy Spirit keeps those who believe in Him, united with Jesus Christ in the one true faith. God sent His Holy Spirit to make Himself known to the whole world - that is, everyone! The Spirit calls people to tell them that we are God's children and He helps us to believe that God's Word is true.