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How does a snowy egret protect itself?

A egret that is all alone will fly away. They are also white and can fide well in the snow.

How does the snowy owl protect itself?

It protects itself by using its great big wings to fly away from predators.

Is a snowy egret a reptile or a fish?

a Snowy Egret is a bird.

Snowy egret were does it live?

because the snowy egret live by hunting during the day.

Is a snowy egret a carnivore herbivore or omnivore?

in my opinion, a snowy egret is an omnivore because it eats fish which is meat. it also eats grass which is vegetation. that is why i think a snowy egret is an omnivore.

Do snowy egret have marking?

yes they do have snowy agret

How does a snowy egret care for its young?

they do

What eats opaleye?

snowy egret

In Frodpond XVIII2 the egret was described as snowy because?

In Frodpond XVIII2 the egret was described as snowy because its feathers were white as snow.

What does a snowy egret eat?

snowy egerets eat fish insects

What are the release dates for The Snowy Egret and Its Extermination - 1913?

The Snowy Egret and Its Extermination - 1913 was released on: USA: 16 July 1913

Snowy owls predators?

What are the snowy owl's predators

Is the Snowy Egret nocturnal?

No, they hunt during the day.

What eats the Snowy Egret?

alligators, crocidiles and sharks

Do snowy egret eat fish?

yes... it dose..

The limiting factors that effect the snowy egret are?


What are some things that effect the snowy egret?


Is the snowy egret endangered?

no they are in least concern for going extinct

What bird is white and graceful?

dove Immature little blue heron, great egret, snowy egret, cattle egret, common tern, fairy tern.

What are snowy owls predators?

The Snowy Owls predators are Artic Fox but only to baby owls because they nest on the ground. The adult Snowy Owls do not have predators

Why is it egrets are black?

Answer Because that's the color God gave them. Some are white, like the great egret and snowy egret..The reddish egret is a purple reddish color.

Are snowy owls predators or prey?

They are predators.

What is the snowy owl predators and prey?


What are the Snowy Owl's predators?

Weasels, people, foxes, and prairie dogs are predators of the snowy owl.

Where does a snowy egret live?

POLAR!it lives in the everglades u idiot!

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