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Q: How does the amout of air affect the distance it travels?
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- Does the air pressure of different balls effect the distance?

does air pressure affect the distance a soccer ball travels

Does angle of catapult affect distance object travels?

By laws of physics, the angle at which something is launched into the air affects how far it will travel. Not taking into account air resistance, 45 degrees would be the ideal angle for maximum distance.

Does the amount of air in sports balls affect how far it will travel?

Yes, ofcourse it does. Aerodynamics of a ball are decided by how much air is in the ball. Usually, more air in a ball gives it buoyancy and it travels over a longer distance.

Does covering the holes of a woodwind instrument with fingers shortens the distance the air travels thus raising the pitch?

No, the opposite: covering more holes lengthens the distance the air travels, lowering the pitch.

What distance does light travel in vaccume when sound travels 1100 feet in air?

That's aproximately the distance sound travels in one second, in air. Since light travels at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second, the answer is, approximately 300,000 kilometers.

Does air pressure effect the distance a soccer ball travels?


How does the air in a balloon rocket affect its distance?


Can air resistance affect the distance that a toy car does?

Why not

Does air pressure affect gravity?

Gravity is a function of mass and distance. So, no air pressure does not affect gravity.

How does the air pressure affect the distance between the air molecules?

because of high

What is the distance sound travels in one hour?

About 767 miles, depending on the temperature and density of the air.

Dose the wind have an effect on the distance a softball can travel?

yes..."As a softball flies through the air, the air pushes back against it, resisting its motion and decreasing the distance the ball travels."...that is why