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When you turn the key all the way forward to start the vehicle, that not only turns your ignition system on, it also engages the starter and bendix drive. When you release the ignition switch, it returns to the position where the ignition is still hot, but the power to the side of the solenoid that engages the bendix drive is dead.

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Q: How does the bendix solenoid know when to retract so the gear will not grind in the flywheel?
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Why does the starter for a Chevy 350 grind but will not engage the flywheel?

It could be the starter drive, the solenoid, or the ring gear itself. Best to pull the starter out of there and see what's going on.

What would make a grinding noise when starting the engine?

The starter could grind if the bendix is sticking

Why does my starter on my 1985 ford ranger 2.6l v-6 4 wheel drive grind or not engage with the flywheel properly?

It could be that the starter pinion drive (also known as the bendix) is worn. If it is grinding and roatating slowly, then the bushings are worn. In either case, you neep to overhaul or replace the starter.

Why does the starter in a 1979 Chevy with a 350 small block grind sometimes or not engage into the flywheel too?

This can be caused by a worn flywheel, or a bad starter drive. You'll need to remove the starter and look at the flywheel to see which is bad.

Starter spins but does not engage the flywheel?

The Bendix on the starter motor is not working properly, most likely. A fix entails the dismantling of the starter motor assembly and the work of a knowledgeable person to rebuild it. It's usually easier and cheaper to just get a rebuilt starter. The problem was not your starter! Sick of hearing that answer, but sadly I do not have the correct answer. My car was having the same issue, mainly on cold starts. I took the poor advice and replaced the stater and solenoid, that evening...Same problem! You will only need to replace your started if the real problem is not found, because it will grind off the teeth in the starter and may even destroy your flywheel! I am not a mechanic but after owning a 98 Dodge Intrepid I feel I know more than most! Again, do not replace the starter until you find the real problem or you will go thru starters like candy! BUT dont take to much time or you will be replacing the flywheel too!

What would cause a starter to grind?

The starter is probably not aligned with the flywheel. The clearance between the starter and the ring gear needs to be checked.

Why does newly replace sometimes grind on a 94ford explorer?

I would suspect you it was installed incorrectly, it is a bad starter, or the flywheel is broken or has a missing tooth.

How do you remove the engine from a 98 dodge ram 5.9L from torque converter The flywheel is in the transmission housing by about 2 inches and I cannot get at the bolts at flywheel torcque converter?

You have to pull the stater and grind a space in the adaptor for a socket to clear to the torque convertor bolts.

Can a car stop running if the starter goes bad?

No, I would seek another answer to the problem. If the starter starts while the car is running, it may grind the bendix or the starter into a toothless nub and the starter will quit functioning alltogether.

Why does your 82 Chevrolet 2wd c10 starter grind brutally when its a new starter?

The starter may require shims to correct that. The ring gear and or the flywheel may be damaged also.

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Why does my car grind when I turn on the ignition when i release key after starting there's no grinding?

First check for loose mounting bolts at starter. If everything is OK, then remove starter and check for broken teeth on starter pinion gear and flywheel.