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It can shut down circulation and cause blood failure. When you have heart cancer, it can cause many health issues.

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Q: How does the cancer affect the heart?
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Which body part do not get affect cancer?


How does heart cancer affect the body?

It can shut down circulation and cause blood failure. When you have heart cancer, it can cause many health issues.

How heart cancer affect circulatory system?

Heart cancer is extremely rare and if ti occurs it could result in very high BP.

What system does cancer affect?

most of the time the cancer effect heart or kidney but it is not nessery it can hurt any organ

How smoking affect respiratory system?

Well for one it can give you lung cancer and if your habits get worse then it can affect your heart.

What is soficus cancer and how does it effect you?

Soficus (esophagus) cancer is cancer of the esophagus, the tube in the chest. The effects of esophagus cancer can be heart burn if the cancer is closer to the stomach. If the cancer is closer to the lungs it can affect breathing.

How does smoking affect health?

You can get lung cancer; yellow/black teeth; heart disease; heart attacks and ultimately death!

How do you get heart cancer?

There is no specific answer on how to get heart cancer. However, heart cancer can begin from another cancer, but mainly in the tissue.

What problems can happen with a heart?

heart disease,heart cancer, heart cancer,

Why cancer does not affect human heart?

mitotic takes place due to miotic division. miotic division does not take place in heart so

What are two diseases that affect the heart?

Heart Disease (sometimes caused by smoking or diabetes), Heart Attack (sometimes caused by seizures), and as a bonus third, obviously Cancer.

What part of the body does food addiction affect?

the liver, the brain, the heart and sometimes it can cause esophagus cancer.

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