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The cardiovascular system transports cells that attack disease-causing microorganisms.

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Q: How does the cardiovascular system help fight disease?
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How do you use cardiovascular in a sentence?

Cardiovascular exercises can help a person's heart. Cardiovascular refers to the heart and blood system. She has cardiovascular disease and must take medication to stay alive.

What are the four funtions of the human cardiovascular system?

Four functions of the human cardiovascular system are to help maintain balance of fluids, to transport nutrients, to help maintain a constant temperature, and to protect the body from disease.

What help the digestive system?

the muscular and cardiovascular system.

What is the Heart Association most known for?

The American Heart Association is a large charity devoted to eliminating cardiovascular diseases. They fight for strong public health policies to help fight heart disease, fund research, and provide education to the public about preventing and treating cardiovascular disease.

How does the structure of the cardiovascular system help it to carry out its function?

The cardiovascular system what nurse do

What body systems work together to help fight disease?

Immune System

How does the cardiovascular system help the skeletomuscular?

The cardiovascular system sends oxygen to the muscles.

What are 8 parts of the cardiovascular system?

The cardiovascular system(CVS) is an organ system that passes nutrients, gases, hormone,blood cells etc. to and from cells in the body to help fight diseases and help stabilize body temperature and pH to maintain homeostasis.The CVS comprises of:ArteriesVeinscapillariesHeartlungsspleenlivervanacava

How does the skeletal system help the cardiovascular system?

no iea :)

How does the cardiovascular system help the skeletomuscular system?

the cardiovascular sends oxygen to the muscles -apex-

Whats the cure for cardiovascular disease?

There is no cure for Cardiovascular Disease. There are a range of treatments ranging from simple diet and lifestyle changes to surgery that can help relieve some of the effects of the disease.

How does earwax and the airway of the respiratry system help fight disease?

Ear wax doesnt fight disease. Ear wax' only purpose believe it or not is to repel bugs.

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