How does the clouds make water?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Simple answer: They don't. Clouds ARE water - tiny, tiny droplets of water just like fog. If colder air moves into a cloud, it causes there to be even more water droplets forming. When the droplets get close enough together, they start touching and turning themselves into even larger droplets.

Then the "even larger" water droplets touch, and make water drops . . . at some point in this process, the water droplets grow large enough that they are too heavy to stay where they are, and then they fall to the ground. This falling to the ground is what we call, "Rain".

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Q: How does the clouds make water?
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What does water do from the sea to make clouds?

the water from the sea evaporates to the sky. when it goes higher up, it condenses to form water doplets. it would then gather together to make clouds.

Do clouds grows and develop?

yes because water evaporates from bodies of water and when it rains some of the water evaporated and helps make new clouds:)

What does clouds have to do with water?

Clouds have to do with water because water vapor precipitates into the clouds.

What materials make up noctilucent clouds?

The materials that make up noctilucent clouds are tiny water Ice crystals and dust particles.

Why do clouds carry water?

Clouds do not 'carry' water, clouds are composed of water vapor.

What is the function of the clouds?

Clouds are condensed water vapor and their purpose is to make rain.

Why do clouds make shapes in the sky?

Clouds make shapes in the sky as water molecules gather and the wind blows and moves and spreads the cloud out. The thicker the cloud the more dense the water molecules are.

What creates snow?

God crying when it's cold outside. Clouds. You see, the water EVAPORATES and makes clouds. Then, the water falls out of the clouds. It freezes on it's way down, and that's how you make snow!!!!

What is it when freezing water vapor inside clouds make what?

That'd be Snow.

What chemicals do people throw in the clouds to make it rain?

There is no known chemical that can make it rain. The closest is probably water vapor but people don't throw it into the clouds to make it rain.

What does it make when water droplets and water droplets join together?

They become Clouds that precipitation falls from.

Are there space clouds?

no if there is not water in space there are no clouds in space because clouds consist of water