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Q: How does the conductor keep the piece in time?
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What does an orchestra's conductor wave to keep time?

orchestra's conductor wave to keep time

What are the different roles within a musical ensemble- What do they do?

There is a conductor, the role of a conductor is to keep time, control dynamics (how loudly or softly the music is played) and the conductor takes the lead. Another role could be a drummer. Drummers keep the beat of the music by playing beats continually through the piece of music. Drummers keep the rythm and sometimes the drummers can take the lead.

What does the conductor of an orchestra literally do?

The conductor leads and guides the orchestra to keep in time and everything.

What does the conductor of the orchesta do?

The conductor of an orchestra helps to keep the music in time and communicate changes to the musicians.

Is a piece of fabric a conductor or insulator?


Is a piece of wood an insulator or a conductor?

Insulator if dry.

Why is the job of the conductor so important for the orchestra?

A conductor can make sure that everyone plays at the same beat. The conductor is usually a learned scholar of certain composers works and will offer his ideas and interpretations to the members of the orchestra during rehearsals on what he thinks the composer intended the piece to sound like. Besides keeping time, there is also the matter of phrasing, tempo changes, and dynamic changes.

What is the orchestra leader called?

The leader Of the orchestra can be the Conductor or the first violinist, called the "Concertmaster."

Will a metal cup or a styrofoam cup keep the hot water warm after a short time?

It is the Styrofoam cup as it is not a good conductor of heat but the metal cup is a good conductor of heat.

Is tissue paper a conductor or a insulator?

A piece of notebook paper is not a conductor it is an insulator

What does the conductor of an orchestra wave to keep in time?

He gives the tempo, but he also controls his musicians, tells them to be more expressive, louder, go faster etc.

What is a guest conductor?

Someone who normally does not conduct that group but conducts that piece.