How does the density of air compare with the density of solids and liquids?


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The density of air - or most gases - is much less than the density of typical solids and liquids.

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Compared to liquids and solids, yes a very low density.

Not all liquids have lower densities than all solids. Low density solids frequently contain air or other gasses as part of their makeup (cok, Styrofoam, etc)

what is a form of energy that travels as waves through the air and some solids and liquids call?

The density of air is significantly lower.

all solids and liquids are heavier that air

Solids: concrete, glass, steel Liquids: water, beer, wine Gases: air, carbon dioxide, methane

sound can travel through air liquids and solids

Yes, and faster through solids than liquids.

The water density is 1 g/cm3 and the air density is 0,0012 g/cm3 .

Sound waves can travel through gases (air), liquids, and solids. Sound waves travel fastest through solids.

Various gasses in the air all turn to liquids, and then to solids.

Air can travel through some kinds of solids, if they are porous. Otherwise it can't. It can travel through liquids in the form of bubbles. It does not exactly travel through gases so much as mix with them.

Air certainly conducts sound, but solids& liquids conduct sound much better.

solids vs. liquids: solids have more compact molecules and liquid's molecules are more spread out.liquids vs. gas: liquids have spread out molecules and gas's molecules are so spread out that they spread through the air we breath.solid vs. gas: solids are the most compact of all of the three states of matter and gases have the most spread out molecules.

I'm not sure but, gases, liquids, and solids.

Contaminants from the air (gases, solids, liquids) are carried by the rainfall.

Sounds travels slowest in air and fastest in solids. Generally, sound travels faster through materials of higher densities.

Air's density is less than that of water. Water's density is almost 800 times greater than air.

-- If the object floats in water, then its density is less than the density of water. -- If the object sinks in water, then its density is more than the density of water. -- If the object floats in air, then its density is less than the density of air. -- If the object sinks in air, then its density is less than the density of air.

by natural and man made non natural solids liquids and gases

cold air is more dense than warm air.

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