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The due process does protect those accused of crime because it gives them a chance to defend themselves and allow themselves to gain what they believe is justice.

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Q: How does the due process protect those accused of crime?
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For what reason does the constitution protect the rights of those accused of a crime?

jerty yui hik luk poiy non koui hjuyot

How does the bill of rights protect the rights of people accused of crimes?

Because without those protecting government can eliminate people oppose them by charging and convict them of a crime.

Name three provisions of US Constitution which protect those accused of criminal activity?

the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th amendments all protect the accused

What are the rights of the sixth amendment?

The rights of the sixth amendment guarrantee a speedy trial and public trial by an impartial jury if a person is accused of a crime. The accused has the right to be told of what they are accused. They have a right to a lawyer. They have a right to see and question those who accuse them of the crime.

The Fourth Fifth Sixth and Eighth Amendments are largely about?

protections for those accused of committing a crime.

The bill of rights is intended to protect individual freedoms and the what?

Rights of those accused of crimes

What group was formed to protect the civil liberties of those accused of being radicals?


Which amendments protect those accused of criminal activity?

5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th

Is it lawful for police to use those accused of a crime to entrap others?

yes it is one of their best strategies to catch other criminals the accused that is helping them also get a reduced sentence

What do I need to know about criminal justice schools?

Those who study criminal justice include the police, those working in a judiciary capacity, and lawyers who either defend or prosecute those accused of a crime.

What did the ancient Romans do to those accused with crimes?

The first thing the Romans did with someone accused of a crime was to give him a trial. Where this trial took place depended on the status of the accused and the type of crime. A petty crime by someone of the lower class would be tried by one of the praetors and if found guilty the man would be fined and set free. A capital crime, such as murder had special courts and if the man were found guilty he could face the death penalty, again depending upon the status of the person he murdered and the circumstances of the crime. However, a man accused of treason or a public official accused of corruption, both of these defendants, usually being of a high status, would be tried before the Senate.

What protections does the eighth amendment provide for the people accused of crime?

The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution (Amendment VIII) protects those accused of crimes from excessive bail, excessive fines, and cruel and unusual punishment.

Which amendment in the Bill of Rights gives those accused of a crime the right not to testify against themselves in a court of law?

it is called "pleading the 5th"so.....

What amendment requires the government to provide a lawyer for those accused of a crime if they can't afford one?

Gideon v. Wainwright (Apex)

Will us legal charges follow a Mexican back to Mexico?

Yes. If those charges are serious enough, such as being accused of homicide or organized crime, you can be also extradited into the US.

What are some similarities between the declaration of independence and the us constitution?

they list the rights of those who are accused of a crime and your rights at any time.

The due process clause in the 5th Amendment and the right to an attorney in the 6th Amendment were designed to?

ensure fair treatment for those accused of crimes

What was the due process clause in the 5th amendment and the right to an attorney in the 6th amendment designed to do?

Ensure fair treatment for those accused of crimes.

Why do you think that crime is such an important public issue?

Crime is such an important public issue because it is the public that are the victims of crime. It is also the public that pays to enforce the laws, process crime through the justice system and house and feed those convicted of crime. This makes the public very angry.

How does due process protects your right of life liberty and property?

Due process protects your right of life, liberty, and property as it acts as a safeguard from the denial of those rights. Due process uses the administration of justice to protect those rights.

What were the types of punishments for those accused of witchcraft?


Why does Superman confront evil?

"to fight for truth, justice and the American way"-superman. According to the comics superman took up crime fighting to protect those who could not protect themselves after his father Kent died of a heart attack.

What event from the 20th century best illustrates alexis de tocqueville's assertion that populism was key to the US success as a constitutional republic?

the us government exempted the amish who do not believe in government assistance from paying social security taxes

Those accused of witchcraft who confessed were not hanged?

anyone who was accused even if they confessed were hung

Advocates of which perspective have little patience with so-called bleeding heart judges?

question in my criminal justice textbook ***Crime Control** advocates would have little patience with bleeding heart judges. The Advocates of the Crime control have no sympathy for those who violate the law they believe they are greedy people who chose to commit theft or drug for easy profits. THey are all about being strict where they even believe racial profiling is acceptable and also where they are about carry out tough punishments to prevent crimes and to protect the public. Bleeding heart judges are judges who are extremly sympathetic towards those who are accused of crimes.