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Q: How does the education of Native Americans today compare to their education during the late Th century and Th century?
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How Native Americans were affected by the treaties they signed with the US during the late 18th century and 19th century?

The Native Americans were forced to give up more and more of their land.

What was the education at mission san buenaventura?

For the Native Americans there was no education other than religious.

How has the government tried to improve education for Native Americans in Mexico?

better education and better healthcare

Which statement BEST describes American policy towards Native Americans in the late 19th century?

Most Native Americans were practically forced to relocate to reservations.

Who were the largest group of non-Christians in eighteenth-century North America?

Native Americans, Native Canadians and Eskimos.

Why were native Americans rejecting immigrants in 19th century?

because they eat booty

What roles did native Americans play in 18Th century America?

The wars that were fought between the British and French used Native Americans as proxies. Native Americans fought on both sides of the war.

What were the native Americans like in the 16th century?

the native amicicbdhjakGVHJACV DCBJCHBHDS V BJHSD

The roots of abolitionism lay in resistance to Native American slavery that began during what century?

The roots of abolitionism started in the 16th Century when Native Americans were used as slaves to the people who first came to the New World. Native Americans were first friendly to the Colonists but had a different view of them a few years later.

Which 19th century book described the US government's broken promises and unfair treatment of Native Americans?

A Century of Dishonor

Which 19th century book described the us governments broken promises and unfair treatment of the native americans?

A Century of Dishoner

When did Native Americans find New Jersey?

I am pretty sure it was the early 15 century.