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how does the eye respond to light rays to manifest far sightedness

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Q: How does the eye respond to light rays to manifest long sightedness?
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How do glasses solve the problem of short and long sightedness?

Short and long sightedness are caused by the lens of the eye focusing the light either in front of or behind the retina. Glasses alter the path of light going into the lens to adjust for this.

How long do maggots take to respond to light?


When people are myopic are they long sighted or short sighted?

They're short-sighted. Yes, the term "Myopia" means short sightedness. This means that light entering the eye is focused in front of the retina rather than on it. The opposite term is "Hyperopia" which means long sightedness. This means the light entering the eye is focused behind the retina rather than on it.

Why do some people have difficulty seeing properly?

Because the lens (translucent layer of membrane over the iris) is either too thick, or too thin, causing light to be reflected at the wrong angle. There are two kinds of vision impairment: Long Sightedness Short Sightedness

What causes long sights?

"Long sightedness" is caused by a deformation of the curve of the cornea as compared to a "normal sighted" person.

What lenses would you use for short sightedness and long sightedness?

far short sight you can use concave lenses far long sight you can use convex

If the eyeball is too long images are focused in front of the retina and the result is?

When the light actually reaches the retina the image is blurred (except when looking at close objects when the image is focused on the retina and looks clear. The condition is known as short-sightedness.

What do the lens do in the eye to help us see?

the lenses make objects look smaller than what they are so that people know what they look like.

Is 2 diopters a positive power?

If it is written as +2 Diopters it is positive, ie a converging lens. If it is written as -2 Diopters it is negative, ie a diverging lens. Diverging lenses are prescribed for myopia, or short-sightedness. Converging lenses are prescribed for hypermetropia or long-sightedness.

Can two short sighted people have a long sighted baby?

Yes. Short sightedness (myopia) is an acquired characteristic. The baby may or may not have myopia when he is born, and may acquire long/short sightedness based on lifestyle. If two people lose their arms in an accident, their child won't be born handless. Similar logic applies.

Is it against the law for a LPN to ignore a call light?

Dont know how this is in relationship questions but, yes it is illegal for an LPN not to respond to a call light. It is called negligent homicide. The LPN can go to jail for a long long time for that.

Why are so many people near-sighted?

Near sightedness or Myopia is mainly caused by the eye being too long, rays of light focus in front of the retina.Far sightedness or Hyperopia is mainly caused by the eye being too short, rays of light focus behind the retina.Lots of children are born with Hyperopia but "grow out" of it because as they, grow, the eye lengthens.That is why more people are near sighted, you can't "grow out" of it.AnswerYour eyes have to be perfectly round to have perfect vision. the real question is why so many people don't need glasses?