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If one has less melanin he or she will be more prone to sun burn, which leads to skin cancer. Also, if a lot of melanin groups up in one area (mole), it can become cancerous and lead to skin cancer.

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How does the function of melanin explain not only the variety of skin color but susceptibility to skin cancer

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Q: How does the function of melanin explain not only the variety of skin colors but susceptibility to skin cancer?
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How does melanin protect the skin?

Melanin is a pigment that affects your skin to keep it the color it is. Melanin is brown. The more melanin in the skin, the darker the colour of the skin is. Melanin helps the skin by protecting it from the UV rays of the sun. Albinos are prone to a variety of skin diseases.Melanin are the cells in our skin that are colored. They are the color pigmentation that we have. The larger and closer together the cells are, the darker the skin color. When your talking about Hw, you are most likely talking about physics.

Why human skin turns brown after tan?

The color of the skin is produced by melanin. When skin is exposed to excessive ultraviolet rays, the body produces more melanin of a darker variety as a protection for the skin from further damage.

What are the three pigments that contribute to skin color are?

Melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin are the three pigments that impart a variety of colors to skin.

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