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It doesn't affect the environment because it is also a part of the environment


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Gorilla is already adapted to its natural habitat ,

The niche of a gorilla refers to the environment that the gorilla occupies. The gorilla's niche is the western lowland. This is because they are herbivores which feed on the stems and leaves.

how dose soil affect the environment

the environment affect plant by cutting tree and by so many things and the plant affect environment by breath the oxgyen on the night

yes it does affect the environment as it contains methane

they affect the environment by cutting down trees

hair affect the environment because .........

Meteorology does not affect the environment in any way

It is very important to consider how things affect the environment. Pollution by fumes, noise, and excess garbage all affect the environment.

believe it or not hydroelectric dams do affect the environment.

plastic material , pollutions these this affect the environment

the environment can affect the feature of a living organism

Western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) ,Eastern lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla graueri),Mountain gorilla (Gorilla gorilla beringei)

It is because of the radiation and radio active-waves. It 's unrenewable energy also badly affect the environment. It is not a good affect to the environment.

that is crazy not possible. that is my answer :)

What is the progress for making cloth that affect your environment?"

Yes, If you will hear radio in loud voice it can affect the environment.

1. Science affect our environment through pollution

Only if humans damage the environment with transport access, litter, or sewage does kayaking affect the environment.

# The Cross River Gorilla has the Latin name "Gorilla gorilla diehli". # The Eastern Gorilla has the Latin name "Gorilla beringei". # The Eastern Lowland Gorilla has the Latin name "Gorilla be.ringei graueri". # The Mountain Gorilla has the Latin name "Gorilla beringei beringei". # The Western Gorilla has the Latin name "Gorilla gorilla". # The Western Lowland Gorilla has the Latin name "Gorilla gorilla gorilla".

Logging affect the environment in many ways: it destroys wildlifes habitats and it destroys trees we need for the environment.

Butterflies affect the environment by pollinating flowers, fruit and other types of trees, which in turn affects the environment.

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