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The force of gravity between two objects is stronger when the product of their
masses is big than it is when the product of their masses is small. It doesn't matter
whether one object is humongous and the other is tiny, or whether the mass is
split equally between them. What matters is the product of the masses and the
distance between them.

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Q: How does the gravity of a massive object affect gravity?
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How does gravity affect the object's mass and weight?

Gravity affects weight, it does not affect mass.

Explain how mass and the distance of an object from other objects affect its gravitational force?

The farther away the objects are the weaker the pull of gravity is. Also, the more massive an object is, the stronger the gravitional pull is.

Does a more massive object weigh more than less massive one?

If the force is gravity, the answer is yes. Gravity "pulls" on an object in proportion to its mass. A heavier (more massive) object is pulled on by gravity more than a lighter (less massive) object. A football tackle is pulled on by gravity more than the average grade school student.

How does gravity affect object of different mass?

Depending on the greater or less the mass is gravity's affect on the object is not applicable as gravity is a never ending motion which does nothing but keep objects intact on planets.

What two factors make gravity wearker or stronger?

Two factors that make gravity weaker or stronger are mass and distance. A more massive object has a greater force of gravity than a less massive object, and the closer two objects are increases the gravitational force between them.

What is an object so massive that light cannot escape its gravity called?

A black hole

What is lense?

Gravitational lensing is the bending of light around a massive object due to gravity.

Do gravity affect the weight of an object?

Yes. Mass is constant for a given object. Weight is a function of mass and gravity, stronger gravity more weight.

How does gravity affect a catapult?

Gravity pulls down the object catapulted and brings it to the ground.

Why does the super massive black hole have more gravity?

Quite simply it has more mass. The more mass an object has, the more gravity it will have.

How does the force of the gravity affect the rate of the acceleration?

Acceleration of a falling object is directly proportional tothe force of gravity in the object's location.

The space surrounding a massive object subject to the body's force of attraction is?

The gravity from a massive body produces a force on other massive bodies inside its gravitational field.