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it takes the clothes and buts them in heat,therefor the clothes are trapped and cannot get out of the heat :) hoped this helped you!

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It speeds it up by adding more heat, wind, and more surface space.

The jet of air pulls off the droplets of water, and increaces the rate of evaporation.

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Q: How does the hair dryer speed up evaporation?
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What does a hair dryer do?

a hair dryer's purpose is to speed up the evaporation process, therefore drying your hair, saving a risk of a cold.

What household appliances speed evaporation?

a hairdryer because your hair would dry by itself but with a hair dryer you are speeding up the evaporation of water

What do hair dryers do?

a hair dryer's purpose is to speed up the evaporation process, therefore drying your hair, saving a risk of a cold.

Where does evaporation happen in every day life?

Liquid water evaporates constantly, and that is the most usual type of evaporation that we encounter since water is the most common liquid. Things get wet, then they dry off, through a process of evaporation. You might dry a wet object with a towel, but then the towel is wet and also dries through evaporation. And even if you are making things dry faster by putting clothing into a dryer, or by using a hair dryer on your hair, this is still a process of drying by means of evaporation. The evaporation is faster if you heat things up.

What do you do when your hair dryer is smelling like it is burning?

Trash it!!! The hair dryer has a short and will burn up. Since hair dryers are cheap, toss it in the trash.

How much power does the CHI Turbo Hair Dryer use?

A CHI Turbo Hair dryer is a 1300 watt electric hair dryer. With this it dries hair up to 40% quicker than other hair dryers of it's type. Powerful and popular.

Why should you purchase a hair dryer holder?

Hair dryer holders are a great way to store you hair dryer. It gets it off your counter which frees up space and also provides a place to keep it safe.

Does evaporation speed up as the temperature increases?

Yes, that is how evaporation occurs: when water is heated.

What 2 factors speed up evaporation?

Heat, altitude, and moisture content in the air are factors which may effect the speed of evaporation.

How do your hair dry naturally?

Evaporation, you can speed up the process by wiking away the moisture with highly absorbent material such as cotton, microfiber or polyester shams. People with straight hair can manually move their hair to speed up the process. However, that would cause expansion for curly or kinky hair. Products that speed up the process either have alcohol or dimenthicone which either coats the hair or quickens the release of water but may imbalance the delicate mouisture balance of the hair.

How does the tumble drier speed up evaporation?

by wind

Can you use a blow dryer to straighten hair that is already dry?

Its really easy to straighten your hair with a hair-dryer. To straighten your hair using a hair-dryer you need to comb/brush your hair then get a hair-dryer and put the heat level on high for about 20 seconds whilst combing/brushing. Then turn the hair-dryer off and just your hair will be straight. It may be frizzy but for this you can use hairspray to flatten.