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a girl's vagina is full of millions of sensitive nerve endings.

If something hard rubs past these nerve endings, such as a penis, it stimulates the area, usually with feelings of pleasure.


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does a woman vagina have two lumps on the inside

In sex it is where a penis enters the vagina or anuspenetration is when a man inserts his penis inside a womans vagina.

Of course not it goes into the womans vagina.

It is the womans vagina.

Yes, that's what fingering means U DIMWIT

you put you're penis inside a womans vagina and go back and forth you ejaculate(cum) inside her and the sperm (cum) will impregnate the egg she has inside her

its shampoo for a womans vagina .

A "flying potato" is the act of lodging a hot potato with a hole on one side depending on the size of penis ina womans vagina while the man inserts his penis inside the potato he will furiously thrust in and out of the womans vagina until he has ejaculated inside the potato, there he will then throw the potato at the womans face, seeing as it's hot it should be soft enough to break upon impact and release the semen onto the womans facial area.

No, blood will not kill any sperm inside a woman's vagina. At most, the flow will flush out the remaining sperm over time, but do not plan on it. However, if you had unprotected sex you could get pregnant.

It is no different at normal activities in temperature.

It does not determine a woman's vagina size.

Usually the only way to find a womans g-spot is to insert you're head inside the vagina and look for it. It is possible to guess where it is, but that only works about 3% of the time.

Through the Cervix. and it's inserted into the uterus THROUGH the vagina, not directly into the vagina. S

The vagina does not have foreskin. The labia minor and labia majora cover the vagina. They can not be removed.

the bikini area is around a womans vagina

a gland in a mans dick that pleasures a womans vagina

The directions are on the box of tampons.

It is possible to do; but it should NOT be done.

Urinating in a woman's vagina won't cause a STD, but it likely will cause an infection.

it's the curve inside a womans vagina that leads to the uterus, usually where the Gspot is meant to be, though not known famously, though a mans g spot is in his anus, that part of a womans body is usually reached easier through anal sex.

It is simply the wet wet of a womans vagina.

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