How does the light bulb impact us today?

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gives us light when we can't see

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Q: How does the light bulb impact us today?
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How does the light bulb help us today?

it helps us see good

How do Albert Eintstein contributions still impact today?

he invented the flourescent bulb, it a very big contibutution for us today beacause flourescent bulb is our daily use .

How does the light bulb affect us today?

An incandescent bulb is not very efficient so it uses more power.

How did Thomas Edison help us today?

He invented the light bulb so we could have light at night!

How has Thomas Edison's invention the light bulb impact our environment?

pros- they give us light and heat. cons- they fill the landfills and destroy the environment

How has the first light bulb impacted us?

The first light bulb has impacted us a lot. It has allowed us to see when it is dark.

What impact does thomas Edison have on us today?

Inventing the light bulb, the phonograph, the moving picture camera, otherwise we might still be using oil lamps to see at night, no recorded music to listen to, no movies to watch.

Why is a light bulb important?

it gives us light

How does the light bulb help us?

the light bulb helped us by lighting up the place we are in so we can see what we are doing.

How did the light bulb help us today?

If we didn't have lightbulbs, we would have to use candles and fireplaces in order to see in he dark.

What does the insulator do in a light bulb?

The insulator in a light bulb prevents us from getting an electric shock.

How did the light bulb affect society?

how did the light bulb affect society? It affects dsociety by creating the convenience that we have today is light when we want, not when the sun wants it. Without a light bulb you could only work in the day, never go out late at night or get up earlier to go to school or work. There is no doubt about it, the light bulb has definitely affected the way we live in our society today. Although it does have effects oncultures and traditions it helped us be alive at day and night

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