How does the moon get old?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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my friend,

The moon occupies the same space-time continuum every other observable piece of matter in the universe does. The relations of space and time are rather complex, with many great minds (most notably Einstein and Stephen Hawkins) trying to formulate a simple quantum model to explain it.

The simplest way to explain it is that time is a separate coordinate direction in a Cartesian plane. Along with three dimensional movement (i.e X for left and right, Y for up and down, and Z for depth) a fourth dimension, T for time, must be added. As an object, in this case the moon, moves through that dimensional axis it moves farther from the origin of its particular Cartesian plane. This movement away from the (X,Y,Z,T) origin is refereed as movement related to time, hence space, movement, velocity, and time are all interrelated. Age, and becoming older, is the English manifestation of this physical (some say metaphysical manifestation). Aging is our progression through time, or simply our movement away from the (X,Y,Z,T) origin.

Hope this helps.

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Q: How does the moon get old?
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