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intricate, unique, disorderly, violent, but turned out quite all right.


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"Extraordinary gift for hope and a romantic readiness"

Gatsby has an extraordinary gift for hope, and a romantic readiness.

The narrator of the Great Gatsby is Nick Carraway

The narrator of The Great Gatsby is Nick Carraway.

The narrator of the Great Gatsby is Nick Carraway, who befriends the titular Gatsby and is cousin to Gatsby's love interest, Daisy.

Nick Carraway is the narrator in "The Great Gatsby"; Nick tells the story through his view of the actions going on around him.

How does the narrator of the great gatbsy enhance the novel?

The narrator's name is Nick Carraway. He was enlisted in the army during WWI along with Jay Gatsby. He is neighbors with Gatsby.

In the Great Gatsby Jordan Taylor is the character that falls i love with Nick (the narrator).

from where did the narrator come and why?

Jay Gatsby is the protagonist in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. The narrator, Nick Carraway, is an observer of Jay's actions and struggles.

Scott Fitzgerald wrote the Great Gatsby, but he uses a narrator who's name is Nick Carraway.

The narrator is Nick Carraway. He came from the mid-west to learn the bond business.

They are both from the midwest. They both live in West Egg. They were both in the Third Division in WWI

The narrator is Nick Carraway; Daisy's cousin, a friend of her husband Tom and the next door neighbour of Jay Gatsby.

Describe the effects of rain on the plot

There are many ways in which a narrator could describe her 2 daughters. She may describe them as dainty or beautiful for example.

First person. The narrator throughout is Nick Carraway, a young man from the Midwest who moves in next door to Gatsby.

Jordan Baker is the golf player involved with Nick, the narrator of The Great Gatsby. She is attractive with gray-blue eyes and a high-held chin. She is also a liar, and is said to cheat at golf.

Gatsby's parties are extremely elegant. They are catered, have live music, and have the cream of the crop attending.

The protagonist of The Great Gatsby is, as the title suggests, Gatsby himself. Despite Nick's role as the narrator of the story, he is very much in the background of the plot and does not affect the action of the novel in any way. Nick's purpose is to narrate. There is very little difference between Fitzgerald's role as the story teller and Nick's as the narrator. Gatsby, however, is not only the subject of the play, but changes the action tremendously. - IQ4U -

nick carraway, the novel's narrator and one of the protagonists

Nick Carraway graduated from Princeton. So did Tom

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