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Q: How does the new covenant relate to the other covenant?
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When was New Baptist Covenant created?

New Baptist Covenant was created in 2006.

Was the second covenant the old testament or the New Testament?

God made many covenants in the Old Testament, but I assume you are speaking about the "New Covenant" vs the "Old Covenant" which God gave Israel through Moses at Mount Sinai. The "New Covenant" or second was mentioned in the Old Testament several times as a covenant which was yet future. The "New Covenant" started in the New Testament when Jesus Christ died on the cross of Calvary, was buried, and was resurrected the third day. The 'Old Covenant" was by Law and the "New Covenant" was by grace.

What does new covenant mean?

covenant means a promise with God

How does the Ark of the Covenant relate to Noah's Ark?

The relationship is that several English translations of the Torah have translated the two different Hebrew words into the same English word. They have no other connection.

When was Church of the New Covenant in Christ created?

Church of the New Covenant in Christ was created in 1975.

How many times is word covenant used in the New Testament?

The word covenant used in the New Testament 33 times.

Who received the promise of the New Covenant?

The promise of the New Covenant has been given to the remnant of the Jewish nation. For all intents and purposes the New Covenant has been received by the believers in Jesus Christ.

What does New Testament mean?

new covenant

What is the New Testament also known as?

The word "Testament" means - agreement, covenant. So the New Testament can also be called the New Covenant.

How do you make the covenant with Moses?

The covenant with Moses is already made and most religions hold that you cannot intercede with the Dead for a new covenant.

Who is the new and everlasting covenant?


Is there a new covenant symbol?

The New Covenant is a covenant that God has made with the remnant of Israel and has not been fulfilled yet, (Jeremiah 31:31-34) although it is true that the Christians enjoy many aspects included in the New Covenant the covenant was promised to the Jews. I don't know if a symbol is involved or not. The Holy Spirit of God will be given, but He is more than a symbol.