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Q: How does the new iPod shuffle huck up to the computer?
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Can you get a new charger for a iPod Shuffle?

no i have looked and you can't get another charger for an ipod shuffle you will have to go and buy a whole new shuffle i had to do the same

Does new iPod suffle have a screen?

No, the new iPod Shuffle does not have a screen. The newest iPod Shuffle comes with a voice speaking system, therefore no need for a screen. Most older iPod Shuffles don't have a screen, either.

When the new iPod shuffle come out?

late 2008

You use your iPod Shuffle to download music from itunes and broke your charger and let somebody else charge it and now your music is gone from your iPod Shuffle how to store it back on?

just connect the ipod back up to your ipod using the cable that came with it, then your music should be back on. but it you broke the cable that connects the ipod to the carger or the ipod to the computer, then you have to get a new cable

Can the new iPod Nano shuffle play any videos?

The new iPod Nano will not play videos.

What's the difference between the new ipod shuffles and the old ipod shuffles?

The new IPod shuffle shares similarity's to a few older styles but it is the smallest one yet! Check out

How do you change the song on the NEW ipod shuffle?

Plug it into your computer: When it pops up in your itunes, add or removes songs by dragging them (in or out) from your library to your shuffle. You can go to settings and choose "only play songs that are checked", as well.

I have got a new iPod Shuffle because i already have one can i still use the same computer to upload songs?

No,you shall have to download itunes again

How much can a new iPod go for?

iPod nano:149$ everything is in us American currencey iPod shuffle newest version:79$ iPod shuffle 1 years old:49$ iPod classic:249$ iPod touch:229$ and up

What are the objectives of iPod shuffle?

An iPod shuffle is a cheaper version of the iPod that is perfect for the new, budget conscious consumer. The shuffle is easy to operate as a plug and play device and only contains one large playlist with a pause, play, forward and backward option.

Can an iPod Shuffle 2nd generation be used in 2011 car?

No, because the usb port for an ipod shuffle is much smaller than the port for ant new car!

Using iPod Shuffle For Running?

The iPod Shuffle is ideal for runners who enjoy listening to music while they work out. The Shuffle is small enough that it can fit into a pocket or clip onto a shirt without adding substantial weight. A runner can easily manipulate the buttons on the new iPod Shuffle with no hesitation to interrupt a successful sprint. When it comes to running, bigger is not necessarily better so the iPod Shuffle is a good choice.