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The outside temperature affects the body temperature because it the body temperature will try to regulate itself. For example, if the temperature outside is cold, the body will generate heat as much as possible to maintain a core temperature.

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Q: How does the outside temperature affect the body temperature?
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How does gender affect body temperature?

Doesn't affect it. 98.5 is the body temperature for normal human.

Is 95.5 temperature low?

It depends on whether you're asking about body temperature or outside temperature. For body temperature, that's low to average. For outside temperature, on the other hand, that's rather hot.

What are the benefits of the scrotum being located outside of the body?

Well the reason it's outside the body is temperature. It would be too warm inside the body, the area it is just outside the body has just the right temperature for sperm production

What 2 things affect a volcanoes shape?

The temperature outside and the temperature of magma

Why are the testes located outside the body?

The temperature needed for the sperms to survive and thrive is lower than the optimum body temperature , hence it is not possible to maintain a lower temperature inside the body hence the testes are located outside the body.

Why are the scrotum outside of the male body?

The scrotum is located outside the body, because sperm production requires a cooler temperature then the internal body. So, they are located outside to achieve the right temperature for the production of sperm.

Does melting ice affect the outside temperature?


Do medication affect body temperature?

Some medication may affect body temperature. It can increase or decrease body temperature. I.e. tylenol may decrease temperature if you have fever. Some stimulant may increase temperature when used, etc.

Difference between core temperature and surface temperature of human body?

The core temperature is the internal temperature of the body and the surface temperature is the outside of the body temperature e.g., skin.

List and describe three factors that may affect body temperature?

One of the biggest things that affects body temperature is illness. The rise in temperature is due to the body fighting infection. Exposure to extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can affect the temperature of the body. The time of day can also affect the temperature of your body, which is generally higher later in the day.

Does the temperature of the tennis ball affect the air?

The temperature of the ball does not affect the surrounding/outside air, but it does affect the air inside the ball.

What has a body temperature that changes as the outside temperature changes?


Does chlamydia affect the outside of your body?

Chlamydia does not affect the outside of your body, and shows no external signs other than red eye if you get chlamydial conjunctivitis.

Does stress affect body temperature?


What is a reptiles body temperature?

Reptile's body temperature changes constantly according to the weather. If outside is snowing, the reptile's temperature will drop

Why are the testes kept outside the male body?

For sperm production, the testes need to be slightly cooler than the normal body temperature and to achieve this they descend into the scrotum which is outside the body core. The testes are located outside the body in the scrotum, because sperm production requires a cooler temperature then the internal body temperature of animals.

How does pain affect body temperature?

It increases body temo

If the outside temperature is 20 degrees Celsius what is the reptiles body temperature?


What determines the body temperature of a cold-blooded animal?

The outside temperature determines it.

How does the time of day affect your body's temperature?

I think that it does because if it is cold , your body temperature goes lower and if its hot or warm your body temperature will rise

Explain why the testess are found in the scrotum and not inside the male body?

The testes are located outside the male body in the scrotum, because sperm production requires a cooler temperature, then the internal body temperature, so the temperature can be regulated better outside the male body, in the scrotum.

How does exercise affect body temperature?

as you exercise your body temperature will increase, then to help the body cool off you start to sweat.

How does the body react when the outside temperature gets too hot?


Will your body temperature affect the temperature of water in a pool?

Yes,ower body can effect the water in a pool

Why does your body perspire when the outside temperature is less than your body temperature?

Because your body is generating heat faster than it can lose it to the environment.