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Q: How does the pearl relate to John Steinbecks's life?
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What is the Subject in The Pearl by John Steinbeck?

A pearl and how it affects the life of the finder.

What ways does John Steinbeck relate his life to his book Of Mice and Men?

I hav no clue!

How does John Steinbeck's life relate to Of Mice and Men?

As a kid John Steinbeck worked on a ranch, and in Of Mice and Men he and Lenny worked on a ranch.

Why is the Last chapter of John Steinbeck's The Pearl a fitting Conclusion?

It is a fitting conclusion because Kino and Juana get tempermental but then work it out and their life with the Pearl is smoother.

How is the story the pearl by john steinback a fable?

The Pearl is not a fable, but it is an allegory, which is a story from which you should learn a life lesson that uses symbolism.It is a allegory because the pearl symbolizes society's greed, which ultimately ruins Kino's life. The implied moral is that one should not be greedy or avaricious but should be happy with his or her life.

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how do whole number relate to everday life

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Numbers relate in our daily life in that we have to count and perform mathematical operations.

Why does Kino in The Pearl by John Steinbeck become so tempted after finding the pearl?

In The Pearl, Kino becomes tempted when he finds the pearl. He immediately thinks of all the things in his life that will be improved from finding this pearl. He refuses to sell the pearl to the dealers (because they don't offer him a decent price). The pearl ends up causing a bunch of trouble, but Kino is blinded by the thought of a better life for his family. Finally, after much destruction, he overcomes his temptation and throws the pearl into the sea.

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The pearl as moral story?

The Pearl by John Steinbeck has a very simple moral, that greed corrupts. The main character, Kino, manages to spin the promise of a better life for his family into the ruination of everything his family had.